Newsagent's Application Section

Welcome to Newsagent's Application Section. This section allows newsagents to apply to be part of the industry website

The information you enter below and throughout the application steps will be displayed on your own site on Once you complete the required information your application will be reviewed by VANA's administration tema and your site will be activated within two business days. You will then be provided with information to allow you to review the details you have entered and to make any changes that may be required.

If you are a member of any newsagent assoication such as VANA, NANA, WANA, QNF and the ANF, the subscripton fee is FREE.
Otherwise, an annual subscription fee of $195.00 applies to be part of
An invoice will be issued for your annual subscription once your site has been activated.
To view the annual subscription information use the button below.

Please enter your contact details then proceed to the next step.


Download a registration form to complete and send by fax or mail

Newsagent Fax Registration Form

Step 1 - Newsagent Application

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Assistance: For assistance or further information please contact the Help Desk.
Phone: (03) 8540 7000